We offer a wide range of services including site assessment surveys, installation service & Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC). Our services are offered India-wide. Solar PV systems that may be GEC based (grid connect only) or GSC based (including battery operation as a Solar UPS), are major investments. For strong system performance, it is paramount that reliable ongoing operation is achieved.
Our service and maintenance programs provide after sales service support. These programs, along with our standard warranties, ensure maximum protection of your solar PV installation.
System Health Checks: We are pleased to provide a detailed Health Check of your solar PV (and where applicable) battery installation. Following our inspection a full quotation for any remedial work that may be required will be provided. In worst-case scenarios the suitable replacement system will be offered.

 Equipment Relocation: Site or office relocation can be a headache, particularly when planning the relocation of power generation systems. In particular the timing of this work and ensuring that this schedule is met will always be a crucial part of the entire relocation project.  

PCU Repair Services: We supply  single-phase and three-phase PCU systems from 5 to 500 kW. We have been repairing other systems and products throughout India.    

Solar Module and Battery Replacements: We can provide the best advice and competitive offers for solar PV and battery replacement for our PCU based systems. The battery component is the final backup of energy for all GSC power systems and it’s essential that battery integrity is maintained to a high standard.